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Mudder Wireless Digital Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer, White

Price: $11.29

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Quick Overview


  • Waterproof in level PIX3 to protect inner sensor system

  • Recording of max/ min temperature with reset button

  • Low energy consumption with longer life (3v battery included)

  • Convenient placements with a hook which can be twisted

  • Easy to read in LCD screen and operate with on/ off buttons

 Mudder easily-operated and waterproof digital freezer thermometer 
Mudder digital freezer thermometer monitor could test the freezer's temperature accurately with the sensor coated with waterproof glue. For its space saving, it can be hanged or stood with its rotatable hook in a flat place of freezer. Besides, it records the max or min digits for the environment. These applied and convenient functions can help you have a better detection of your freezer. 


Measuring temperature range: -20 ~ 50 degrees Celsius (-4 ~ 122 degree Fahrenheit) 
Accuracy: ±1 degrees Celsius (±2 degree Fahrenheit) 
Unit: C/ F 
Power: 3v button battery (included) 
Size: 3.46 * 1.81 * 0.79 inches 
weight: 1.55 ounces 
Package: box 

Package contents: 
1 x Freezer thermometer 
1 x Instruction manual 

1. Do not soak it in water. 
2. When the display is dim, please change the battery as the instruction says and tighten the screws. 
3. It needs about a minute for reaction about the temperature. 
4. It works better in a freezer or refrigerator.