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Mudder Delicates Laundry Wash Bags, Set of 4 (Black, White)

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United Kingdom

Quick Overview


  • Set of 4 delicates wash bags: 2 x medium bags (12 x 15 inches), 2 x large bags (16 x 19 inches)

  • Laundry Bags keeps colors separate and safe, use the white wash bags for light colors and the black bag for dark garments

  • Ultra-fine mesh protects your intimates and delicates during washing cycles, includes custom zipper protector

  • Keeps wires, hooks and buckles from hanging, snagging or tearing your delicates, intimates, lingerie and hosiery

  • Extend garment life, packing your clothes separately

 Mudder Laundry wash bags are designed for protecting your delicates, intimates, lingerie and hosiery during machine washing, extend your garment life. 

Material: Ultra-fine mesh 
Size:Medium 12 x 15 inches (1 pieces white, 1 piece black), Large 16 x 19 inches (1 piece white, 1 piece black) 

Choose suitable bag for washing. Make the clothes less than 2/ 3 of the bag's volume when filling. Put it into washing machine after drawing zipper.